Patient presents for surgical correction of large nose and inability to close mouth

This is a 25-year-old woman from Thrissur. She presented with complaints of a large nose and the inability to close her mouth. She also complained of speech difficulty, which affected her social life. She was also quite dissatisfied with her facial appearance. She researched the Internet for the jaw correction surgeon. Her research led her straight to our hospital.

Treatment planning explained to the patient

Dr SM Balaji examined the patient. He explained to her that she had a class III skeletal malocclusion and an anterior open bite. Surgery would include correction of both her complaints of malocclusion and broad nose.

Successful outcome of surgical correction

A bijaw surgery was first done to correct the long lower jaw and the anterior open bite. Attention was next turned to her nose. Lateral nasal cartilages were then removed. This was then followed by a Weir excision to correct her bulky nose.
She was very pleased with the outcome of the surgery. She expressed her willingness to increase interaction with people after the surgery.