Hon’ble Justice MY Eqbal is a former Chief Justice of the Madras High Court and Justice of the Supreme Court. He is well known for his humanitarianism. Upon a recent visit to Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, Teynampet, Chennai, he witnessed Dr SM Balaji activating the Kawamoto internal distractor fixed to the cranium of a young boy with Crouzon syndrome.

Dr SM Balaji demonstrates the mechanisms of distraction osteogenesis to the Hon’ble Justice MY Eqbal

Wishing to know more about the procedure being performed, he approached Dr SM Balaji with a few queries. Dr SM Balaji explained that the patient was born with Crouzon syndrome. He was diagnosed with premature multisutural synostosis at about the age of one year following which he underwent craniosynostosis surgery. He further explained to the Hon’ble Justice Eqbal how this surgery would prevent permanent brain damage. Dr SM Balaji then explained to the Hon’ble Judge Eqbal that the patient has now been operated for midface advancement. He explained that the patient’s sister had also undergone the same Le Fort III distraction surgery at our hospital. Dr SM Balaji explained how this bone distraction would lead to formation of new bone growth for the patient, leading to esthetic and functional improvements.

The Hon’ble Justice My Eqbal speaks with the patient and his parents and blesses them

He explained the mechanism of the Kawamoto internal distractor device and the intricacies involved in the surgery to attach it. Dr SM Balaji shared some of the preoperative photographs with the Hon’ble Justice. The Hon’ble Justice spoke to the patient and his parents about the patient’s care and blessed them wholeheartedly. Dr SM Balaji explained to the Hon’ble justice that the patient would need another surgery to remove the distractors after completion of the distraction. This surgery would be performed three months after completion of the distraction treatment to allow for consolidation of newly distracted bone.