What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty generally referred to as “nose job,” is surgery to alter the shape of the nose by adjusting the bone or cartilage. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common types of plastic surgery.

Why Rhinoplasty?

People get rhinoplasty to repair their nose after injury, to fix breathing issues or a birth defect, or because they are uncomfortable with the appearance of their nose.

Possible improvements that your surgeon can make to your nose through rhinoplasty include:

  • a change in size
  • a change in angle
  • straightening of the bridge
  • reshaping of the tip
  • narrowing of the nostrils

If your rhinoplasty is performed to enhance your appearance rather than your wellbeing, you can wait until your nasal bone is fully developed. This is around 15 years of age for children.

Boys can continue to grow until they’re a little older. However, if you are having surgery due to impaired breathing, rhinoplasty can be done at a younger age.

Seven Things you should know about Rhinoplasty

  1. Amputation of the nose was a common punishment for criminals in ancient India. This led to debilitating facial deformities with both cosmetic and functional compromise.
  2. Sushruta, the father of plastic surgery, reconstructed the nose through the use of a forehead flap in 800 BC. This technique is still used by surgeons today.
  3. Rhinoplasty is the surgical correction of nasal deformities. It can range from the correction of simple cosmetic deformities to the correction of complex cleft deformities.
  4. There are two types of rhinoplasty, namely open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty is the technique of choice as there is no visible scarring after surgery.
  5. Certain nasal deformities require augmentation using rib cartilage grafts obtained from the patient. This is harvested at the time of the same surgery.
  6. Rhinoplasty results not only in cosmetic improvement of the nose but also helps with functional improvements. Difficulty breathing could be due to a nose block, which can be caused by a bent septum to blocked turbinates. These are corrected through rhinoplasty.
  7. Rhinoplasty is extremely technique sensitive and the best results are obtained by vastly experienced surgeons.

How much is the cost of Rhinoplasty in India?

Rhinoplasty charges rely on various factors and range from Rs.70,000 to Rs.2,000,000 in India.

  • The minimum price in India is Rs.70,000.
  • India’s average price is roughly Rs.1,20,000.
  • The overall price in India is up to Rs. 2,000,000.

Rhinoplasty Before After Pictures

Rhinoplasty Before After
Rhinoplasty Before After

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